Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hogwarts Robe-like shirt!

I made this thing last year for Deathly Hallows realeasing night and Order of the Phoenix premier, using an awsome Howgarts Polo I found in a thirft store.. I made a how to by request on T-shirt Surgery, but it was kind of crappy. The folks at The Leaky Cauldron crafts asked to put it on their site, so I wanted to make a better one before that. And now here you have the imporved tutorial.

Note: I made my Robe using a Hogwarts Polo, so it already had the letters and the H. This intruccions are for making a plain black robe.
  • 1 Black Polo shirt that is too big for you (at least 1-2 sizes bigger).
  • 1 Smaller black polo (big enouogh to make a the hood)
  • Sissors
  • Thread
  • Aprox 1 1/2 m yellow bias tape
  • Sewing machine (or hand sewing needle if you're not lazy as me)

1. Try on the big Polo and cut like in the picture. Make sure you cut of the neck. DONT CUT THE BACK!!!!

2. Take the small polo and cut a hood shape.
3. Then sew around the pointed line.

4. Pin and sew the hood to the neck of the Robe.
5. Then sew a bias tape all around the +++ lines.

6. Attach a button on one side of the opening and make a hole in the other to hold the Robe closed.

7. (OPTIONAL) If you want to fit the Robe a bit more, attach 2 buttons on the back and then gather with a cord or a ribbon.

And that's it!!! You have a lovely Robe-like shirt!.

Comments are always nice ^^!!

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Aphrodite Rose~Shaky Heart~ said...

This is AWESOME!!!! Naturally, I love everything Hogwarts, so I love this tut! I'm already gathering materials to make a Gryffindor robe-like shirt! Now if only I knew how to sew...