Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot water bottle holder for PMS pain

PMS pain is a bitch, isn't it? and even more when it comes in the middle of the night when you're nicely sleep. Something that always works for me is putting a bottle filled with hot water next to my tummy, but sometimes is hard trying to keep it in place while laying down, so I designed this little belt kind of thing to hold it for me.

It dont have one of those rubber hot-cold water bottles, so I use a regular plastic bottle, but this could work for a rubber one too.
And this is how it is done.


Plastic bottle (flat ones work best)
Light Fabric (cotton or similar). I'm not sure how much, but aprox 60x60 cm
Thicker fabric for lining
Needle or sewing machine.


1. Cut a rectangle that measures
wide: 1.5x the circunference of the bottle (for example, if the bottle it 20cm of circunference, then 1.5x20=30)
long: the high of the bottle plus 10 cm (this also depends of the wide of the bottle, make sure you can cover the bottle with the rectangle)

2. Fold 1cm from both wide sides of the rectangle, wrong side facing, and iron.

3. Now we are going to make the straps. Measure half way between your hips and waist, add about 25cm, substract the long of the rectangle and divide by 2. The result is the long of each strap, and wide will be 16cm.

4. Fold the straps rectangle on half longwise ride sides facing. Sew long side and one small side of each strap. Turn right side out. Iron.

5. Place the big rectangle right side up. Fold wide sides to the center so that they overlap for about 5cm. You have a smaller rectangle. Place it over the thicker fabric and cut another rectangle this size.

6. Almost over. Ok this might sound a bit confusing, but it's not. Place the thick fabric rectangle wrong side up, then the folded rectangle on top. Place the unsewn side of one strap like in the picture. Do the same in the other side.

7. Pin down both raw sides and sew.

8. Turn right side out and you're done! :D

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Alli said...

Great tut! I might need to try it out - sometimes a hot water bottle is the *only* thing that works 'round that time...ugh...